It’s a hard sell…
…and women are tough customers. Female dominance is a touchy topic and winning acceptance of male submission has never been an easy argument. Trust me, I know! I’ve been writing about women leading men — socially, sexually and romantically — for years and despite the bountiful benefits…

She’s a dominant dynamo who doesn’t pull punches when it comes to feminine authority and male submission: it’s all about her and then some. This matriarchal-oriented millennial domme sets the tone and pace in her relationships with obedience-oriented males for whom selfless service and superlative subservience are hallmarks of their…

Perhaps it is time to stop hinting and hoping and start directing and instructing. I think you might be pleased to learn that submissive men have no issue with being directed in - or out - of the bedroom by a woman. We're more than happy to accomodate any request and do so eagerly and attentively. Another nice surprise about submissive men when it comes to sex: reciprocation is not required. Just a thought. Deferentially, - john

It's encouraging to see male submission and obedience to women discussed - and appreciated. I have long understood my place as a servant to women and prefer nothing more than to be in service and submission. Men deferring to women is the natural order. I also write widely on the topic of male obedience and submission here and on my blog Thank you. - john

I'm encouraged by this article and specifically the focus on submissive males. For too long, submissive men - like me - have been marginalized due to nothing more than expressing and exercising our desire to please, serve and submit to the will and wisdom of strong confident women. There is absolutely nothing wrong with women leading men in any and every aspect of society - from boardroom to bedroom. I write widely on my experiences and observations as a confident, secure and proud submissive male on my blog: Thank you. Deferentially, john

I'm a submissive male and proud of it. I stand apart in my appreciation for women and desire an empowered, leadership-oriented woman in my life. I may be a few years too soon, but believe most relationships in the future will be female-led. I also write widely on the topic of being a submissive male at - please take a look and leave a comment. Thank you! - john


I am a sincere and secure submissive male who practices and promotes the benefits of woman-centric and led relationships with men. FLR, F/m Femdom

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