Femdom Q+A with a Modern Millennial Dominant Woman

She’s a dominant dynamo who doesn’t pull punches when it comes to feminine authority and male submission: it’s all about her and then some. This matriarchal-oriented millennial domme sets the tone and pace in her relationships with obedience-oriented males for whom selfless service and superlative subservience are hallmarks of their respect for this strong, sexy, superior princess. She’s as strict and demanding as she is fabulous and fun; but always with the understanding that she decides and her eager-to-please pets abide. Princess Katie’s blossoming Twitter feed — with 5,000 plus subscribers — explodes with pronouncements of devotion and appreciation from legions of male admirers — from around the world — all seeking to be attentive and responsive to this remarkably modern mid-western mistress who keeps them on their toes while wrapped around her perfectly manicured finger. I encourage you to follow @princess26tweet on Twitter to discover the allure of this fierce young dominant woman. (Bold highlights mine.)

Q: What does being a dominant woman mean to you?

Princess Katie: Here is my one-line answer: For me, being a dominant woman just means being myself. Being dominant is not something I have learnt, or cultivated. It is part of my personality. It is my nature. It comes effortlessly to me. It’s just who I am. A dominant woman is one who rules over the hearts of her submissives, while living her life’s dreams. She captures their hearts and minds without effort. Her presence is enough to propel them to do whatever it takes to make her happy, make her laugh, make her smile, and bring her pleasure and bliss. That is the kind of power a dominant woman exudes. She is a human being, a woman at heart — she has her emotions, feelings and quirks — and that’s what makes this all grounded in reality. It is not a fantasy; it is as real as the sun and the earth

Q: Requirements for a male in service and submission to you?

Princess Katie: I strongly believe that a male is fundamentally inferior to a female. Any male who wishes to submit to me and serve me needs to first realize this fact, and be grateful to me for the opportunity. I don’t like to be prescriptive. I believe that every male is unique, and comes with an innate ability to please a woman in his own way. I want him to discover himself and serve me in his own original way. While I do prescribe and give fine grained instructions and tasks initially, I would like to see him proactively and creatively finding ways to please me. I demand complete honesty from him. Mistakes can be corrected by advise, warnings, punishments or other ways, but dishonesty has no place in my world. I’m a fun loving lady — bubbly, and full of life :). I don’t like dull, boring submission. I look for a spark in him that tells me he’s passionate and lively. While he will obviously be denied pleasures and orgasms, I’d still like to have fun conversations with him depending upon my mood. He should be up for it. Love and trust are the foundation for any successful relationship. He needs to earn my trust. I give my love and affection to a sub who I accept. I expect that to be reciprocated more than equally.

Q: What does being a “strict domme” mean in practical terms?

Princess Katie: There are things I tolerate, and things that I absolutely don’t. I’m strict about the latter. Disobedience, dishonesty and disrespect are a strict no-no. My words should be taken seriously and followed sincerely. I have my own style of being strict, and my subs can sense it coming. That’s the outcome of training. Strict discipline coupled with caring affection is a combination that no man can resist. I laugh and have lots of fun conversations with my subs, but I make sure they know their place. I make sure they know who’s in control. Men are fun, but they need to be disciplined for best results.

Q: Views on enforced male chastity as a male management tool?

Princess Katie: Great question. The fundamental motive behind male chastity is to properly channelize male sexual energy in a meaningful way, and give it a sense of purpose and direction. The woman is the true custodian of male pleasure, and therefore, she needs to be in full control of his orgasms. Male chastity is an important part of training. It helps the man understand that he is after all an instrument for her pleasure. It helps him focus his energy on her pleasure instead of wasting it on his selfish desires. It shows him the path to fulfillment. Using a device is a means to achieve this evolved state. Every man is unique, and is somewhere in this journey towards fulfillment. Some men don’t need it, they can keep up their chastity without tools or devices. Some men need it. I personalize my training depending upon where he is in his journey.

I am a sincere and secure submissive male who practices and promotes the benefits of woman-centric and led relationships with men. FLR, F/m Femdom